Slowing Down but Not Stopping

I had great plans for my social media and blog.  I want to share my trips and upload more content to this blog, but I have to slow down due to an injury.  I don’t even know how it happened.  I have limited mobility and lots of pain on my right arm. This limited mobility is affecting my job and hobbies.

Last week I was in so much pain that I had to leave work to get a message. No, none of those relaxing massages in which you go to a spa and sip wine.  This was more like pay for pain.  My arm was so contracted that it was hard to lift it let alone type.  The pain traveled all the way to my fingers.  I left the massage place exhausted and in pain but at least I was able to move my arm a few inches.

I spent the last few days relaxing my arm.  I have gained some mobility however the pain is still present.  I shouldn’t be typing this blog but I wanted to explain why I have not posted more blogs this year.  My goal for 2018 was to post more blogs and make more videos.  I am waiting for my arm to heal to start editing again. I hope this recovery doesn’t take that long.  I am slowing down a bit. What a way to end the first month of the year.  I may be slowing down but I am not stopping. I will still continue to plan and travel, It just might take me a bit longer to post things. Either way, thank you for visiting my blog. I am hoping I recover faster if I slow down.

To Blog or Not To Blog

I just came back from a camping trip that I enjoyed but yet I felt empty. Not because the company I went with was not enjoyable and fun but because I did not do what I do best and that is to document the trip with photos and videos. Prior to blogging and You Tube I use to document my family outings by taking photos. I would then put these photos together, add some music and the end result was a family vacation video.
I then began taking videos along with the photos which made some pretty interesting family videos. I have thousands of photos and hundreds of videos of recent vacations trips that I have taken with family but I have not yet made family vacation videos.  My family is anxious to see the next family video which I unfortunately take to long to make. I love telling stories using photos a video and I feel like that is my contribution to any family vacation trip. I am not a cook, guide or a girl scout I am the photographer of the group.
Now that I want to start blogging and exploring more of California I feel that there is a line that I have to draw. I must separate family and friends time from blogging. To blog or to Blog is a question that I have struggled with recently. These last two camping I did not document my trip because it was family and friend time not blogging time. Yes I did have fun and relaxed but I feel like I missed a great opportunity to tell a story. The idea was to come back to those places and blog when I was by myself however I fear that certain places I wouldn’t be able to return too. This means that I may loose the opportunity to tell a story.
After two camping trips and no photos of my own I believe I made a mistake. I had to revisit the question of To Blog or Not To Blog. I have to be who I am and that is the photographer of the trip. If there are other photographers that is great but I need to document for myself my own experience and view of the trips. Yes Relaxing is fun and spending time with family and friends is super important but telling a story is also important to me and I feel that I have to continue telling my story by photographing and videotaping otherwise I feel like I missed something great.