Chasing the Light

After a recent “storm,” my man and I decided to drive up to the mountains to enjoy a day of sun and clear skies. We drove on the Sunrise Scenic byway (S1) to find a good place to stop and view the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park from the mountains. We ended up stopping at Kwaaymii Point.

We had seen the road that leads to Kwaaymii Point but never really drove on it. We had nothing else to do that day but drive so we drove and stopped at the end of the road. The view was beautiful however what capture my attention was the trail.

Pacific Crest Trail at Kwaaymii Point in the Laguna Mountains

The trail turn out to be the Pacific Crest Trail. I was drawn to the rock crops along the trail and the rich colors and textures. We decided to walk along the trail to see what we could find. We came across this rock memorial. There cemented on the rocks were several grave plaques of people who seem to have lived a life of adventure. Their names forever memorialized on the rocks along the Pacific Crest Trail. I didn’t take any photos of the plaques I just continued on the trail.

We walked less than a mile before we returned back to the car. A storm was forming off in the distance and the chilly wind started to pick up. We were dressed for the chilly weather however we didn’t want to chance it. We sat in the car admiring the view for a few minutes until other people started to drive up to the parking area. There we watch brave souls who dare to come out of the comfort of their warm cars into the chilly air wearing only sweatpants, sweatshirt and flip flops. First couple returned within minutes back to their car. Next few brave souls walked a few more feet and return hastily back to their cars. We enjoyed the show in the car as we ate an apple dumpling that we purchased at Mom’s Pie House. The light was leaving so we decided to drive down the mountains before it got dark.

As we started to drive we notice the beautiful sunset. I took a quick photo but was not satisfied with the results. The orange glow was rapidly disappearing and it was already dark. We started to drive faster to look for a place where we could pull over and take photos but there was nowhere to pull over. We saw a small unmarked road and turn into it. There we were chasing the light on this unknown paved road hoping that at any given turn we would be able to see the sunset without obstructions.

The further we drove on that road the brighter the colors in the sky got. The road, although paved had huge pot holes that made us feel like we were off-roading.

We continued to chase the light hoping we could capture a few more photos before it was complete darkness. Soon there was no light and we were driving on an unfamiliar road with no idea where it would lead. Lucky for us we had GPS and found our way back to civilization. I did capture one last shot before the light disappeared.

We really enjoyed chasing the light however it did made us think that our adventures can be dangerous if not prepared. Although nothing happen to us, we had no cell reception and did not have our usual recover gear. It was supposed to be an easy drive to the country. We ended up off-roading on an unknown road. At the end we agreed that we do need some sort of beacon in case of an emergency. Stay safe my friends.


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