Season of Change

It’s October, my favorite month of the year. I love it because it represent the change of the seasons from summer to autumn. If I was living in a different state I would be able to witness the change of color in all those beautiful forests however I live in evergreen California where it is summer all year. I love fall colors so much that in my youth I would buy fall color flower bouquets just to brighten my day. That quickly because expensive so I settle for looking a autumn photos on the computer. When I saw “Seasons of Change” by Amanda Lynn it reminded me of the beauty that is autumn.

This mural was found by accident. I drove to Escondido to check out a bike shop. Instead of exiting the parking lot to the main road I drove through the alley and was shocked to find this beautiful mural next to a construction site. I literally, stopped the car and drove in reverse to come back and look at this mural. I couldn’t believe this stunning work of art was hidden away from the main street. In a way I understand why it is hidden but this should be visible for everyone to see.

I conducted a small survey of people I knew lived in Escondido and asked if they have ever seen this mural. They were all shocked something so beautiful was there all this time. This mural has inspired me to look for other murals. How many other murals are hidden and are waiting to be discovered? I plan on finding them and sharing them with you. It will take me some time but I am sure it will be work the wait. This is why I explore California because you never know what is in your backyard.

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