Mission San Juan Capistrano

Mission San Juan Capistrano was the first mission I even visited. This mission sparked my interest in the California Missions. The adobe buildings reminded me of my grandmother’s house in Mexico. I felt like I went back in time. This is why I decided that if I photographed Mission San Juan Capistrano again the photos would have to be in Black and White.

The first time I stepped foot at the mission may years ago I had a Sony point in shoot camera. My employer provided me with this camera to complete an assignment. As I was paying for my admission to the mission I was informed that there would be an additional fee for photographers. I was flattered but I was no photographer. That day I did not take any photos. There were no smart phones back then.

The Great Stone Church
It took 9 years to construct it but was only used for 6 years. A devastating earthquake destroyed the church and killed several people inside the church. The church was never constructed again and serves as a reminder of those who lost their lives that terrible day.

I have visited the mission several times since then but for some reason I could not capture the place the way I wanted it. I kept taking color photos and that was my error. This last time I took my cellphone photographed the mission with only my smart phone, no fancy camera. The results are as follows.

The Great Stone Church
Serra Chapel
The alter is over 300 years old and it was brought from Spain.
Serra Chapel
The chapel is one of the oldest building in California

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