Snow Day

While the Mid-West is experiencing the Polar Vortex, a weather phenomenon that Californias would never understand or for that matter survive. Here in Southern California, we are experiencing a very wet winter. How wet? Let’s just say we may be recovering from our eternal drought. I can’t remember when was the last time we had so many rainy days. I am finally using the raincoat I paid a ridiculous amount of money for and never use in previous winter seasons. We may even have a super bloom if wildflowers. The best part of this wet winter is the amount of snow our mountains are getting.

In our local mountains, we found evidence of snow at the 3,000-foot level. Is no surprise that the local mountain resorts are booming with business. This weekend we decided to pull our snow gear from storage and check out the snow in the mountains.

I have to say it has been over a decade since I last used my snow gear same goes for Vic. Both him and I found our snow gear and prepared it for a snow day up in the mountains. He decided to wash is boots before wearing them. During the drying stage, his boots fell apart. I couldn’t stop laughing when he told me. He informed me he stored them in the garage where temperatures soar during the summer. He now needed new snow boots.

Meanwhile, in a plastic container in my apartment, my super warm boots looked almost brand new. I couldn’t wait to put them on and show Vic how well preserved my boots were. I put the boots on checked myself in the mirror and started to load the Jeep. The boots were a bit stiff but nothing I couldn’t get used to. The more I walked the more the boots started to feel comfortable, that is until I looked down.

My right boot started to fall apart, then my left boot. This was Karma for laughing a Vic. Vic could not stop laughing when he saw me walk up to him with my disintegrating boots. I guess he had the last laugh.

We loaded up the car took off and drove to Big Bear in the San Bernardino National Forest. What a day! Although it as cold (28 degrees) in some areas we dressed warmly. We attempted to do a little off-road but unlike the main roads, there were no snow plows clearing off the snow on the dirt path. We drove a little but returned back to the main road. Although Vic always makes sure we have enough recovery gear it is always best to have another car with you.

I had never made a snow angel so I leaned backward and landed on snow. It was fun but cold. We got back inside the car and drove to Big Bear City. We drove to the Discovery Center and then to The Village in downtown Big Bear to do some shopping. It was a great day. I hope the snow doesn’t melt and there is enough snow for next weekend.

I hope the snow doesn’t melt by next week.

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