Off-Road Trail 2N01 and 2N04

For many years I have driven the Rim of the World Scenic Byway in the San Bernardino National Forest but rarely ventured off the paved road.  Mainly because at the time I was not into off-roading.  I was just happy driving to the forest.   I did accidentally end up in off-road trails in my many drives to the various forest but I would soon discover the hard way that a 2 wheel drive had no business in a dirt road.  I also knew it was dangerous.  Without any survival skills and supplies, I knew I would end up in some headlines that read, “Stupid Woman lost in Woods.” The article would then read “don’t be stupid like this woman when venturing to the woods always be prepared.” I didn’t always listen to my rational side and got into some interesting situations.

Now I have my Mountain Man who has taught me so many things about the outdoors and how to venture off responsibly.  In the spirit of adventure, we decided to go off-roading to San Bernardino National Forest and try our luck in finding a campground on 2N01 and 2N04. It took us a couple of times to find the beginning of the off-road trail mainly because I wanted to find another road that would take us to an Onyx mine. It turns out that the Onyx mine trail was closed so we opted to explore 2N01.

At first, the road had a bit of traffic, a jeep club had just completed the drive and was heading out.  Once they had left we were practically alone.  We took our time driving the trail since the landscape changed from pines to cliffs and meadows.  There was a part where it got a little hairy but we took our time and made it out. We had fun splashing in the mud.  We wanted to get the FJ Cruiser covered with mud we succeeded somewhat.

We didn’t find a campground but the off-roading trails were enough to make us want to go back again.

OR Trail 2N01 2N04 08182018 (4)

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