My office is a Morgue


If you had to guess what I do for a living what would you say I do based on this picture?


Morgue is the first thing that comes to mind for me. This is one of the reason why I go out and exploring on the weekends because my office just seem to dark right now.  I spend 8 hours of my life in this tiny room.  I see this every day, ever since the “rainy session” started in Southern California. Yes I put rainy session in quotations because compare to other parts of the country the “rainy session” is like mist compare to real storms in the Midwest. Nonetheless we had a record year of rainfall and since our roof has so many leaks due to lack of repairs, water just finds its way to my office.

My tiny office houses two monster printers, you know the kind of prints that you paid an arm and a leg for and still owe money.  Okay maybe I am exaggerating a little but you don’t want anything to happen to these printers.  One rainy day water started dripping into one of the printers, Panic Time! It caused a small part of the paper to get wet and since the print has an automatic printhead schedule to keep it started to clean the printhead on the wet paper. This in turn cause the paper to tear apart. It just look like the printer was a goner.  The landlord idea to protect the printers was to cover it with think black plastic which resembles a body bag.

Yes I can take the plastic bags off but we occasionally get rain here and there and I rather take the plastic off once it stops raining.  No matter if the bags come off I still have two huge printers to look at.  I rather look at photos of beautiful landscapes.  Every day I see beautiful photos of landscapes on my computer screen.  It’s like my computer is telling me, “come see these places in person, you don’t belong in the morgue.”  Where we really meant to live the majority of our lives in four walls?  Get out of those four walls and explore the world is waiting.


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