Annual Cherry Blossom Festival


I have visited the Japanese Friendship Garden (San Diego) in the past but never walked through the lower part of the garden due to time.  I figured I would visit the lower part of the garden during the next Annual Cherry Blossom Festival.  I knew there were several cherry blossom trees in the lower garden and I imaged a beautiful place to be when the flowers started to bloom.

The garden is beautiful it has a tea house, several water features, Koi fish, and bamboo.  There is a small display of Japanese pottery and Bonsai trees.  There are several benches to sit on and in my previous visits to the garden, it seems like a great place to relax.  I do recommend to visit the garden at least two times. The first time when there are not special events or festivals, just remember it is a popular place to get married.  The second time is during the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival.  Word of advice, be prepared to be surrounded by a lot of people.  The following are helpful tips to enjoy the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival:


Lower Garden
Man drawing next to the Koi fish pond




Helpful Tips

  • Prepare for crowds be patient.
  • Take water you might be standing in line for a while before you are able to get water.
  • Take cash, the line for admission is huge if you use a credit card.
  • Don’t bring large strollers, if you do be prepared to stop frequently.
  • Experience the food; just make sure you strategize getting what you need.  Send a person to get drinks while the other gets the food.





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