Trail of Whispering Giants

Me and Waokiye

Imagine coming face to face with a Native American that is 20 feet tall.  Ok, there is no such thing but I did come across a Native American sculpture carved from a tree trunk that was at least 20 feet tall.  Maybe even taller, I didn’t have my measuring tape at the time.  Waokiye is the name of the sculpture made out of a sequoia tree and this massive trunk is located in Desert Hot Springs.  More specifically it is located on the Cabot’s Pueblo Museum grounds.  Come back and for a future post on Cabot’s Pueblo Museum.

It is an impressive sculpture and you can’t help it but look up and be mesmerized but the detail of each line carved.  This sculpture is part of a series called The Trail of Whispering Giants.  The Hungarian-born artist by the name of Peter Wolf Toth dedicated several years of his life creating one sculpture at a time.  His dream at the time was to carve a sculpture of different Native Americans, one for each state.  His last sculpture was made in 2008.

He made these sculptures in honor of the Native Americans who have suffered “a lot of injustice, just like his people did”.  The sculptures are truly magnificent. I would like to seem all of the sculpture when I visit all of the National Parks in the US. This is going on my Bucket List.



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