Why Blog

There are millions of travel blogs out there some bloggers have been at it for years, so why blog?  Do I believe that anyone will follow me or take interest in by blogs?  Yes, I do believe that! Why? Because I am a dreamer! I like to dream big and I like to create.  I often loose myself dreaming about what could be and how I wish I could do … but reality always kicks in.  I have responsibilities and time is against me.

I know that I am a small fish in a huge ocean, but my journey is one of a kind.  Yes, there are travel guides, bloggers and real outdoor people exploring California right at this moment, but not all of those explorers are writing down their adventures and not all explorers will have the same experiences.

The reason I am blogging is because I want to inspire someone to get out there.  I want to record my adventures, my accomplishments, and my failures. Facebook, You Tube and Instagram are great platforms to share my adventures but I need a blog that I can customize any way I want it. I want to share with you the beauty of California.  I want to see all of California.  I haven’t been to the northern section of California and I have lived in California all my life.  I want to be a tour guide for my family and friends.  Most of all I want to enjoy my life and traveling is an enjoyment for me.  Thank you for reading.

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