Santa, is that you? 

Ever wonder what happens to Santa once Christmas is over?  Does he come back after flying round the world on his magical reindeer sleigh and starts the whole toy making process all over again?  He comes back to the North Pole and delivers his “good job” speech to the awaiting elves and says,

“It was a great year! Deliveries were on schedule.  Had a hoof problem with Dancer he started dancing to this noise he heard in California, I believe they call it music and cracked his hoof. Rudolph’s nose got us through some thick fog in San Francisco and like always we skipped Mexico. They are waiting for the Three Wise Men.  I got sick eating cookies 5 times and tossed my cookies all 5 times.  I wish these kids could leave some food, maybe some ham with mash potato and gravy.  Me love some gravy.  They need to start leaving anti-acid tablets. Don’t get me started on the milk.  Doesn’t anyone know I am lactose intolerant?  Ok, I am getting off track, but my dear hard working elves thank you for your time and dedication.  We do need to reduce the number of trucks, bikes, dolls and non-electronic toy and make more iPads, iPhones, and tablets.  Now that Christmas is over take your well-deserved 1-hour break and let start fabricating those tablets.  We have a big order to fill and we have 364 days to fill it.  Merry Christmas Ho, Ho, Ho!”

Or, do Santa and the elves party and take a break from toy making for a few months?  Does Santa ever leave the North Pole?  Does he always travel by sleigh?

Well, ladies and gentleman, Santa Claus was spotted in California! It seems he does take vacations.  He is currently in Southern California in Sunny San Diego.  He was spotted driving the I-15 freeway on his custom tricycle.  Probably made by the elves, those elves sure have a great imagination.

Santa Claus
Santa Claus

It seems he had an encounter of the third kind because he has a UFO attached to his tricycle.  Maybe Santa is good friends with the aliens from outer space that come and visit our planet.  After all, they do have a lot in common. Both the aliens and Santa fly, people have a hard time believing they exist.  Both Santa and aliens visit the humans when they are asleep and leave things for humans to find.  When people talk about either Santa or aliens they are ruled out to be crazy.  Maybe Santa and the aliens party with the Easter Bunny.  If anyone has seen Santa lately please share your experience.  Once again thank you for reading my blog.

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