Happy New Year!

exploring-california-main-page-copyHappy New Year! Say good-bye to 2016 and say hello to 2017. I love New Year’s Day, I love the idea of starting over and erasing or enhancing something that happen in the past.   For me every year has a theme and 2017 is all about change. Some changes will be good other changes I am not sure about. I guess I will have to find out as the year progresses.

So let me start with the change that I consider a “good change”. Well for starters this blog is new. This blog will be all about my experiences while I travel and explore my home state of California. I always wanted to have a blog and in the past I would even sign for a blog and never used it. The truth is I really didn’t know what I was doing. Do I know what I am doing now? No, but I plan on learning as I go.

Another change is my involvement in social media. I have Facebook, Instagram and You Tube but I really haven’t done much with these platforms. I post photos here and there but not on a regular bases. I hardly posted any videos in my You Tube channel which is very sad. Well 2017 will be dedicated to sharing more of my trips. Most importantly I will be posting everything here in this blog.

New Years is not complete without a New Year’s Resolution. I love New Year’s Resolutions mostly because I am exciting in starting on the goals I wrote down. Like many of you I start very dedicated in January on working to accomplish several of my goals and then by March I forget I had a New Year’s Resolution. Well this year it will not be any different. If I know something for sure is, I will never accomplish all my New Year Resolutions. That I can always count on. I still do it because it motivates me to do something exciting. So without further delay here is my list of places I plan on visiting in 2017.

  1. Bodie
  2. Mono Lake
  3. Death Valley
  4. Border Field State Park
  5. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
  6. Tijuana Estuary NP Point of Interest
  7. Palomar Mountain State Park
  8. Moonlight State Beach
  9. Joshua Tree National Park
  10. Santa Barbara Mission
  11. San Buenaventura Mission
  12. Balboa Park
  13. Tio’s Tacos
  14. Cabot’s Pueblo Museum
  15. Julian
  16. California Wolf Center
  17. Dixon Lake
  18. East Jesus
  19. Salvation Mountain
  20. Desert View Tower
  21. Museum of Death
  22. Santa Monica Pier
  23. Hearst Castle
  24. Winchester Mystery House
  25. Friendship Japanese Garden
  26. Old LA Zoo
  27. Whale Watching
  28. Star of India

It is a big list, and you may have seen or read about these places in other blogs or social media but every experience is different. I want to share my experience with you through this blog and social media. I hope that you will enjoy my posts and come back regularly. Thank you for visiting and you are welcome to comment. Remember to follow me in:

Facebook            www.facebook.com/exploringcalifornia

You Tube             www.youtube.com/exploringcalifornia

Instagram            @exploringcalifornia

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